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Student Investment Project

Did you know that National Endowment for Financial Education says that if you invest $2,000 every year during your working years (ages 18–65), your investment could grow to be worth more than $706,000? 

Students at Cody Middle School learn this and many other facts about financial literacy with our Student Investment Project.

What is SIP?

SIP (Student Investment Project) is a practical, real-world opportunity for our students to learn financial literacy and money management.

Starting in the sixth grade, our students invest monies donated from area businesses and individuals as well as $5 of their own cash in stocks and mutual funds. Students add to these funds annually and learn how interest, world events, and diligence affect the way their funds grow. By their senior year, students withdraw their investment funds and donate 5% back to the community and 5% to the incoming 6th grade class and use the remainder to pay for their senior party.

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Community Partners

We are thankful to our community partners whose annual contributions provide the monies students use in this project! 

SIP Contributors for 2016-2017

$1,000 and above:

  • Cody Chamber: Mr. Russell Keiser

$500 and above:

$300 and above:


*Platinum Contributors