Our School

At Cody Middle School we believe that all students can learn. All it takes is a supportive environment with purposefully-designed work that is relevant and engaging. We believe that when students develop skills, knowledge, and strength of character, they succeed no matter how the world changes or what circumstances life throws at them. And so, we give our best every day and expect our students to do the same. When we all give our best effort, we all succeed.

The Line

At CMS, personal accountability is a way of life. Every day our teachers and students choose how they want to live. They choose to live above the line or below the line. Choosing to live above the line, is choosing to do the right things for the right reasons. The rewards for this kind of living include respect, a good reputation, and positive self-image. However, choosing to live below the line always produces negative consequences. 

the line

At Cody Middle School, we expect our students and staff to live “above the line,” treating others with kindness and respect, giving maximum effort, accepting responsibility and taking ownership for the things they do and say, and acting with integrity.


Our students work hard. In addition to daily core subjects of math, language arts, social studies, science, and reading, our students also participate in physical education and a choice of several high-interest enrichment courses including band, choir, jazz ensembles, and art classes.

 CMS is also a technology-rich school that emphasizes technology’s purposeful use. We provide students with access to a variety of online curriculum pieces they can use both in and outside of school, in addition to personal iPads, Chromebooks, and Macbooks. More information about our curriculum is available at our district website.