District Policies

We the board, administration, faculty, staff, and students constitute the Park County School District No. 6. It is our philosophy that in our democratic society, there have been and are those individuals who have and so desire that our way of life be perpetuated in the most free and intelligent manner when all youth have equal opportunity to receive their instruction and training in an atmosphere conducive to mental, physical, and moral growth.

We welcome you to view all of our board policies, including those currently under review, on this page.


Policy Index

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Leadership Governance Policies

Policies Under Review

A-Foundation & Basic Commitments

B-Board Governance & Operations

C-General School Administration

D-Fiscal Management

E-Support Services

F-Facilities Development

G-Personnel (GA through GBEC)

G-Personnel (GBEC-A through GDBA)

G-Personnel (GDBAA through GDQD)

G-Personnel (GCOA-E) Certified Evaluation Templates


I-Instruction (IA through IJNDA-R)

I-Instruction (IJNDC through IMG)

J-Students (JB through JJAC)

J-Students (JJAC-E through JRB)

J-Students-JLCD-R (Forms)

K-School-Community Relations

L-Educational Agency Relations