Mr. John Corbin receiving his award.

CHEYENNE - John Corbin, a high school social studies teacher at Cody High School, has been named the 2024 Wyoming Teacher of the Year in a surprise assembly.

Corbin, a Wyoming educator for 15 years, is a strong advocate for civics education. He believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn about the history and government of their country. 

“John Corbin is an outstanding educator who truly prioritizes civic engagement and preparing students to be good future American citizens,” said Megan Degenfelder, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “John's work instills in students a patriotic appreciation for our system of government and a sense of obligation to participate, to sacrifice for the future of their community and democracy, something we need now more than ever.” 

Corbin is a National Board Certified Teacher and has received numerous awards including the John P. Ellbogen Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence in the Advancement of Quality Civics Education. He supports other educators as a teacher leader and mentors student teachers as they grow in the profession.

"John Corbin is an incredible teacher, leader, coach, lifelong learner, and person. His dedication to students is unyielding,” said the Park County School District #6 Administrative Team. “He creates relationships with his students through engaged lessons and differentiates activities to aid in his students’ success. Whether it’s a multimedia lesson, a student-led debate, or a project steeped in history, the Constitution, art, and culture, his passion is evident. John works with a variety of extra-curricular activities to support the interests of his students, giving them the tools to be as successful as possible. John’s work, leadership, and commitment to both school and community serve as an example of the true impact educators can have in the lives of students."

Corbin recognizes that creating a positive classroom culture is crucial to the success of an educator and his students. For him, pedagogically, there are several ways to meet the needs of his students, but Corbin always begins with relationships.

“The relationships I develop with my students are key to their success and unlock opportunities to reach them with knowledge, and instill a strong work ethic that they need to succeed,” said John Corbin. “I feel that teaching is a calling for me. It is my job whether I’m in this chair or out in my community helping other people reach their potential.” 

As Wyoming Teacher of the Year, Corbin will represent the teaching profession in Wyoming and be a spokesperson for education. He will also attend state and national education events and conferences. In addition, he will be a liaison between the teaching community, the Wyoming Legislature, the Wyoming Department of Education, districts, and communities.