Remote Learning Expectations

Cody Middle School

Remote Learning Expectations

Hello, my name is Nathan Tedjeske; I’m the principal at CMS. I wanted to lay out some expectations that we have of students while they are in a remote learning environment, as well as some expectations that families should have of the school. If at any time, you have any questions about these expectations, feel free to call us at 307-587-4273.


·      To be counted present during a remote learning day, students must email their advisory teacher that day. An example of this could simply be an email saying “Hi Mr. Smith, just checking in today”. If a student has questions for a specific teacher, reach out to that teacher at their Park 6 email.

·      Online instruction will only be provided to students in quarantine or isolation. Students who are absent due to other illnesses will not be provided online instruction.

Online Learning:

·      Students can access their classes content, assignments, and Zoom links on their Canvas page.

·      Assignments are still due during a quarantine/isolation situation and to receive credit for these assignments, the work must be completed and turned in on Canvas, unless specifically directed otherwise by the teacher.

·      Students who are attending a zoom session should exhibit the following:

o   Be respectful and on task

o   Be dressed for school

o   Answer Questions when prompted

o   Mute yourself if there are loud noises in the background

o   Complete classroom assignments as if attending in person

o   Alert the teacher if something is unclear or you have missed directions or instruction

·      If there are technical problems, we will try to address them at that time, but they may require further assistance from the tech department.


·      CMS teachers will only be communicating with CMS students through platforms approved by the district (email, Canvas, Zoom, etc.)

·      Allow for 24hr response times for emails.

·      If facing technology difficulties, please reach out to our front office at 307-587-4273

We understand the difficulties that the online learning environment can present and are always available to help. Please call 307-587-4273 and we will support our students as best we can. For questions regarding quarantine, isolation, duration dates, please ask for the school nurse when you call.