Dear CMS Community,

This year's PCSD6 Transportation Registration was like no other year before - a ton of parent input was collected. PCSD6 tried to accommodate all requests while still following industry best practices. 

Here are a few changes that were made: 

  • Group Stops - where possible PCSD6 adopted group pickups and dropoffs as a way of creating shorter ride times and safer stops for the students.

  • Corridor Bus Routes - where possible PCSD6 stopped the practice of going down dead end roads that required a turn around and back out scenario. This will lead to increased efficiency - shorter ride times - and safer stops.

  • Morning CHS drop - this year PCSD6 stopped the practice of having all of the buses dropping at the high school prior to the middle school - saving several routes 15 minutes of travel. CHS students will use the Horse bus and Cat bus to transfer to CHS from the middle school.

  • CMS Specific Morning Route - this route is designed for students North of Bighorn Ave. to further entice them to ride the bus instead of crossing Bighorn Ave. 

For the list of transportation routes click here!

All of these changes led to significantly shorter ride times for in town students. If you have any questions please contact PCSD6 Transportation.

Thank you for your continued support of Park County School District 6! Go Broncs and Fillies!