CMS Veterans Day

Good Morning CMS Staff, Students and Families,

CMS StuCo and NJHS are organizing CMS's involvement in the District Veterans Fundraiser. This year, funds are being raised for the local non-profit organization Military Mobility.  

According to the Military Mobility Website, "We are a non-profit organization specializing in off-road expeditions and resiliency training for veterans.  Our mission is to reduce the suicide rate and increase health and wellness by putting veterans back in a team environment which fosters camaraderie, trust, and inspires the realization that any challenge—no matter how great—can be overcome." 

CMS Parent, Brian Ribera, is the founder and president of this organization.  A veteran himself, he has graciously donated to previous district veterans fundraisers.  

Next Monday and Tuesday (Oct 17th and 18th), students and staff are encouraged to bring in and donate spare change for this worthy cause. 

On both mornings, NJHS Members will be collecting spare change in front of the Library.
During all lunches, StuCo Members will be walking around collecting spare change.

As a school, if we raise $500 or more, students will earn the Would You Rather? prize. During all donating times there will be two buckets to donate spare change. Each bucket will be labeled with a Would You Rather? option that involves our principals. All of the change collected will be donated to Military Mobility, but the bucket with the highest amount at the end of the fundraiser is the prize students will receive.

Would You Rather? 
At our school wide assembly, would you rather have....
Mr. T wear a tutu and high heels OR Mr. Gogan wear a wrestling singlet and a tutu?

Thank you for supporting our veterans!


CMS StuCo and NJHS